Play Blackjack with Perfect Pairs™ and 21+3™ side bets

This variant of Blackjack uses the standard European rules (with a few differences - see below), but with two exciting side bets. Join the action available on the Single Player and Multi-Player!

See the European Blackjack page for full game rules and player betting options, with a couple of exceptions: There is no Surrender option, and players are allowed to split a maximum of three times, for a total of four hands within one game.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for the base Blackjack game is 99.34%.

Read on for more about the two additional available side bets:

Perfect Pairs™

Perfect Pairs™ is an optional bet, offering players the choice to make a separate wager on whether their two cards will be paired. There are three types of pairs, depending on whether both the rank and suit, suit color, or simply rank is matched with both cards. These award payouts at the following odds:

Perfect Pair (matched suits, e.g. 9s-9s, Ah-Ah) 25:1
Colored Pair (matched colors, e.g. 7s-7c, Qh-Qd) 15:1
Mixed Pair (matched ranks only, e.g. 6s-6d, Kc-Kh) 5:1

The theoretical return to player (RTP) from the Perfect Pairs™ side bet is 95.82%.


21+3™ bets are optional wagers based on the player’s own two cards, plus the dealer’s up-card. These award payouts as follows:

Suited Trips (e.g. Qs-Qs-Qs) 100:1
Straight Flush (e.g. 7d-8d-9d) 40:1
Three of a Kind (e.g. 3d-3h-3s) 30:1
Straight (e.g. 9c-10d-Jh) 10:1
Flush (e.g. 2h-6h-10h) 5:1

The theoretical return to player (RTP) from the 21+3™ side bet is 95.38%.

If you have any questions about Perfect Pairs™ and 21+3™ bets in Blackjack games, contact Support.